The Greater Healing – A workbook that provides a “road map” for the journey from brokenness to joy through the healing power of God’s love. It can be used as an individual study or in a small group setting. Assignments are given at the end of each chapter to guide the reader on his/ her journey.



ejoicing in the Morning – It is the story of one woman’s healing journey. It includes both Marty’s perspective and the journals of “Becky.” Every reader will be able to relate to some aspect of this woman’s story. This book certainly testifies to the renewing and restoring power of God.




Healing Moments with Christ – Contains 100 plus daily devotionals in which Marty shares inspirational, practical truths from her own relationship with Christ and through her counseling experiences.



Are You God’s Strong-Willed Child? – A 10 week Bible study that helps the reader explore their rebellion against God’s love and grace. It is designed to help individuals experience the strength, healing, transformation, and abundant blessings available to all of us through an intimate relationship with Christ.



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